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Airline Transport Pilot License 

The spiralling cost of studying abroad is roughly 2 to 3 million HKD upwards. A university degree will not guarantee you a job with a handsome income.

High investment without a guarantee of return. Here is an opportunity with a relatively small investment, a promising job prospect, and lucrative returns.


So why not become an airline pilot instead?


From zero to airline-ready in 18 to 21 months​​​ with us to obtain a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Airline Transport Pilot License with no previous experience required.


Pilots have a high degree of freedom. We can move and find high-paying jobs in anywhere at any time. The nature of work belongs to a high barrier to entry, highly skilled, and easy access to citizenship.

ATPL Course fees

HK$ 800,000

or HK$ 900,000 including flights & accommodation


By the completion of this course, you are able to apply for employment with any European airlines with minimum requirements flying passenger jets.


In comparison, you will not be to gain airline employment until you have obtained 1500 hours of experience with FAA license or 600 hours with CASA license flying propeller aircraft.


The course is delivered by the largest EASA Approved Training Organisation and flight school in Central Europe and the United State of America. 

Based at an international airport with an instrument runway. Safety is our absolute priority, we use brand new, state of the art Tecnam aircraft, fully equipped with Glass cockpit (EFIS), making our student accustomed with modern avionics used in passengers transport jets.

For the final Jet Orientation and Multi-Crew Cooperation courses we use fixed-base simulators based on the best selling airliner in the world - Airbus A320.

Train with us, and we'll get you airline ready!

Aircraft Hangar


Imagine a plane carrying 200 passengers, each passenger has around 50 relatives and friends. Meaning that the crew of each flight is responsible for 10,000 lives. Safety standards start with quality training. This ATPL course will take around 18 months to train an inexperienced young person to become a highly-skilled airline pilot. The following is the course outline


Theoretical Knowledge

Our team of full-time instructors, aviation experts and aircraft engineers provided 880 hours of classroom theory in approximately 6 months.


14 written exams

Our team makes full use of their comprehensive knowledge to prepare students as much as possible, not only to enable them to pass the ATPL theory exam but also to prepare them for aviation training and their future aviation careers.


Practical Flight Training

After successfully passing the theoretical exams, the next phase of training begins - flight training. You will learn how to control the plane to take off, land, and fly to different airports. And the basic knowledge of emergency procedures and instrument flight. 

Safety first

We use the best tools to train our next generation of pilots to the highest standard, the fleet is under 5 years old, equipped with all the latest avionics equipment and systems, and hire a full-time professional instructor with 20-30 years of training experience.

The six stages of practical flight training require a total of 230 hours of flight time, which takes around 12 months.



After completing the course, students will receive a multi-engine and instrument flight (ME-IR), commercial pilot license (CPL), as well as crew cooperation courses (APS-MCC) and aircraft abnormal flight attitude prevention and correction training (UPRT). This means that after completing our ATPL course, the students are fully ready to apply for co-pilots jobs.

Entry Requirements​

  • Able to obtain EASA Class I Medical without restriction

  • 18 Years old +

  • Completed Secondary or High School education

  • Passed DSE / GCSE

  • Mathematics, Science and English Language

  • Fluent in verbal and written English

  • Minimum height of 157 cm 

  • Maximum height of 191 cm

  • Produce a criminal record check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate

  • Successfully pass HKPAPA selection process

Plane on Runway

Course Summary

  • From zero to airline-ready in 18 to 21 months​​

  • EASA frozen Airline Transport Pilot License 

  • ATPL Theoretical Knowledge training

  • Private Pilot License (PPL) with Night Rating

  • Commercial Pilots License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR/MEP)

  • Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation (APS-MCC) completion certificate

  • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)​

  • Exclusive access to fast track recruitment with several European airlines​

  • HK$800,000​



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