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Cadet pilot

Interview assessment preparation course

​​The training position to become a cadet pilot is fiercely competitive and scarce,  the assessment is not too difficult but yet many have failed,  this is a crash course with the winning formula to achieve your dream.

The cadet interview process for trainee pilots is varied from airline to airline, ideally, the candidate should start preparing 6 months before the interview. Our courses will emphasize both theoretical knowledge and reinforce it with practice. The course is taught by experienced instructors.


From the interview technique to a large number of latest mock interview questions to help students master interview skills and information in a short period of time. 

Cadet Pilot Interview Preparation Course

Our focus is on getting you, your first airline job and passing the airline selection assessment with ease. 

With proven success rate across the globe with major legacy, regional and low-cost airlines.

This course is designed to enhance and develop your skills & practice required for a successful outcome in the selection process. The course is delivered by groups of airline experts, ranging from airline recruitment manager with years of pilot recruitment experience, together with training captain with ten of thousands of hours of operational and flying experiences. 

We tailor elements of the course to fit your individual needs and we have knowledge of the selection processes used by many of the airlines and training providers. 

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The winning formula

Our founder has mentored more than 1,000 student pilots from 60 different countries. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Flying Bursary in St James Palace in 2018.

In this award-winning course, our professional instructors working in different airlines share interview skills, tips, and most students who enrol in this course have successfully secured their dreams.

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Interview skill crash course

Exclusive interview tips - Give candidates interview tips and techniques, such as group discussion on words, intonation, sitting posture, attitude, etc.


Train students' coping skills and good communication skills

Personal Interview - Improve students' expressive ability and self-confidence

Mock interviews - conduct mock interviews with airline recruitment managers to ease the fear and pressure of trainees during interviews and help students achieve the highest standard

Technical Interview - master principles of flight and prepared by airline HR manager and senior training captains

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Delivered by experts

Expert guidance for your airline pilot interview, an aviation specialist, pilot recruitment manager and senior training captain with key knowledge together with up-to-date and current recruiting methods.


The crash course is tailored towards your specific airline for an opportunity to concentrate on specific areas of the assessments​.

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Preparation is the key to success 

  • Ten sessions of Aviation Theory

  • Ten sessions of Flight Simulator

  • A one-to-one interview with the pilot recruitment manager

  • Aviation Psychological Assessment

  • Group discussion training

  • Numerical, linguistic and technical reasoning training courses

  • Compass, Cut-E, Pilapt, DLR, Mollymawk

  • Training seminar

  • First officer skills seminar

  • Guidance on how to fill out the application form

  • CV and cover letter training courses

  • ICAO English Test Training Course

  • Tailor-made courses for your specific airline

  • Full performance report after the course

  • Follow up review and advice with an assigned tutor

  • Available monthly


The course takes place in the association headquarter at the International Commerce Centre (ICC).

HK$ 40,000

Alumni may enjoy 10,000HKD discount toward their Private Pilot License Course or 20,000HKD discount towards self-sponsored professional pilot license

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