Time is TBD - Postponed to 2021 | Lufthansa Technik AG

航空之旅 - 德國站 Lufthansa Technik tour, Airbus Factory Hamburg

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Time is TBD - Postponed to 2021
Lufthansa Technik AG, Weg beim Jäger 193, 22335 Hamburg, Germany


Lufthansa Technik tour 

If you’re a lover of aviation, the Lufthansa Technik tour will make your heart take flight. Located inside Germany’s Hamburg Airport, this state-of-art facility does maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) on modern aeroplanes. Lufthansa Technik doesn’t just refurbish its own airline’s jets. Planes from across the world are sent there! This German company is a leader in aviation technology and science, whose innovative flair pushes the industry to new heights. On this guided tour, you’ll get a sneak peek into their soaring success.

Airbus Factory Hamburg

Aircraft manufacturing up-close - experience exciting insights into the production and assembly of Airbus aircraft on an Airbus site tour. In Hamburg Finkenwerder we will show you the assembly from the single-aisle A320neo up to the widebody A330, A350 or A380. The site in Bremen is specialized in wing production and in Stade groups are informed about carbon fibre (CFRP) components.


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