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Hong Kong has encountered many ups and downs in the past year, from the social unrest to the coronavirus, furthermore, Hong Kongers who are used to travelling abroad and scattered all four corners of the world were completely caught off guard with the pandemic.


Families are struggling to cope in their tiny home. The news is full of negativity, the local economy and mental health wellbeing are taking a toll. A group of local pilots in Hong Kong has come together to use their time grounded to share their stories, experience and widening the opportunities in the aviation industry and use aerospace to promote STEM, English and bring out hope and aspirations for the people of Hong Kong, especially our next generation, who are desperate for new opportunities.


Now is the time to be united regardless of our difference, background, nationality and beliefs. We hope that the new jobs and opportunities created by the third-runway system along with the greater bay area will be serving our next generations to come.

Full motion simulator

For the first time in Hong Kong aviation industry, where the general public are invited to use the full-motion flight simulator normally reserve for airline pilot training and licensing. Allowing the public once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the epic flying experience and inspiring the next generation of pilots and tomorrow leaders.

Activity summary

Each all our flight simulation session, are crewed by a team of volunteer professional airline pilots, composed of a flight examiners TRI, TRE and an airline captains/co-pilots.

The price of this event is much lower than the market price, and the price of tickets sold to the public is lower than the actual operating cost.

Actual market price/simulator rent and operating cost

  1. The hourly rate of a general flight examiner is about HK$2500-3000

  2. Professional pilots earn approximately HK$1500-3000 per hour

  3. The cost of full-motion flight simulator Level D simulator aircraft rental price per hour range from HK $ 4000 (Boeing / Airbus) to HK $ 23,000 (Bombardier Global). The reason for such an expensive rental rate is the cost of operating the motion via hydraulics and a Civil Aviation Department certified Level D flight simulator may cost around 7 million USD to 15 million USD. 

Revenue & Expense


Simulator & venue rental


General operating expenses


Sponsored session for students with disabilities or disadvantaged backgrounds

Flight experience day operating expenses include

1. Marketing
2. Office expenses and administrative staff salaries, MPF, insurance
3. Booking administrative fee, credit card administrative fee and bank administrative fee
4. Volunteer transportation and food expenses
5. Gifts, certificates and souvenir gifts


CAE Flight Training Center (Cathay Dragon House)

11 Tung Fai Rd, Chek Lap Kok


Nearest bus stop: CAD Headquarters (Tung Fai Rd)

S1 ↺Airport (Passenger Terminal) to Tung Chung Station

Full fare $3.5


Underground Parking available at Cathay Dragon House