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You received an invitation to attend an assessment in Hong Kong. Whether you're type rated or non-type rated, we will help you to get through your job interview.

The difference in culture, procedures, food and languages on top of the interview can be quite a daunting experience.

Expert guidance for your airline interview, an aviation specialist, pilot recruitment manager and senior training captain with key knowledge together with up-to-date and current recruiting methods.


This preparation course is tailored towards your specific airline, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on specific areas of the assessments​.

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Course Summary

Preparation is the key to success 

  • A one-to-one interview with the pilot recruitment manager

  • Aviation Psychological Assessment

  • Group discussion training

  • Numerical, linguistic and technical reasoning training courses

  • ICAO English Test Training Course

  • Tailor-made courses for your specific airline

  • Full performance report after the course

  • Simulator Assessment walk-through (profile/charts)

  • Optional: Full flight simulator session (Additional fees)

  • Available monthly


The course takes place in the association headquarter at the International Commerce Centre (ICC).

HK$ 5,000