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Private Pilot License
Course Overview
Duration          2 -4 Weeks
Fees                 HK$ 100,000
Location          Poland or USA
See the world with a different angle
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European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and United State Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are the worlds most recognised and respected aviation licensing authorities.
After obtaining your private pilot license with us, you will be able to spread your wings and fly in 27 European Union member states and the UK, USA, Canada and the Caribbean. See the world with a different angle on your next holiday.
If you applied for license verification, you will be able to fly anywhere else in the world too. 
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5 Steps PPL Guide
Private Pilot License
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Before the commencement of your pilot training, you are required to have an EASA Class II medical certificate. We can assist you in obtaining the certificate in Hong Kong.

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You must pass nine PPL multiple-choice theory exams. Topics covered include: Air Law, Meteorology, Aircraft General Knowledge, Radio Navigation, Human Performance and Limitations, Aircraft Performance and Planning, Communication, Operating Procedures and Principles of Flight, our in-house examiner will ensure you can successfully pass your exams and radio license


Learn to fly

You will learn the basic principles of flying. You will learn how to taxi, take off, climb, fly straight and level, turn, descend and land. You will also complete a series of circuits around the airport. When your instructor determines that you are ready, you will make your first solo flight!

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The next stage is to learn how to navigate. You will make flight plans based on regulations, different airspace restriction and weather. In addition, you will learn how to prepare, navigate with aeronautical charts and flight plans, how to navigate by visual aids and radio aids, communicate with air traffic controllers, practice diversion and emergency procedures. For licensing requirements, you are also required to fly a 270 km cross country flight whilst landing at two different airports on your own.

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Flight Skill Test

The minimum time to obtain a PPL is 45 hours, which must include:


25 hours Dual (Flights with instructor) 10 hours Solo


Our examiner will put all your flying skills to test. After passing the skill test, you will get a private pilot license!

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Price List

All flight training is conducted in the flight schools either in Florida or Poland, in accordance with the approval and regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The course material will be provided on the first day of training.


Training Aircraft

Tecnam P2002 - Poland

Cessna 152 - Florida, USA

Course fees

HK$ 100,000

Fee includes

30 hours dual 

15 hours solo

instructors fees,fuel, aircraft rental & insurance, landing fees

Fees do not include

Due to different countries have different  entry requirements and test fees may vary

  1. EASA Examination examiner fees

  2. Written Exams fees

  3. Class II Medical

  4. TSA Application fees (for the US only)

  5. Visa application fees (for non-US/EU citizens)

  6. Life Insurance


additional items may cost between HK$5,000 and HK$10,000

Extra considerations

  1. Extra flight time beyond 45 hours

  2. Airfare

  3. Food & accommodation

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Private Pilot License
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