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There are few skylines on earth so dramatic, so awe-inspiring and filled with the mix of towering skyscrapers and natural beauty - the only real way of seeing such a marvel is from the sky.

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The possibilities are endless

Seaplane Feasibility study

The purpose of developing Seaplane Hong Kong is to promote future development in the aviation and tourism industries. Seaplane Hong Kong will create thousands of highly skilled jobs in both sectors, such as pilots and aircraft engineers. Providing opportunities for local pilots to build hours and experiences, at the same time making aerial sightseeing tours more affordable and accessible.


Seaplane Hong Kong will not only provide harbour and local aerial sightseeing tours but also increase connectivity within the greater bay area, reducing travel times between Hong Kong and Guangdong, opening new markets and affordable regional connectivities.

For example, travel time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong will significantly reduce from 1.5 hours to 15 minutes.

In addition to primary benefits, secondary benefits include developing new markets in marketing industries such as banner towing.


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Public consultation

Market analysis

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Gain public, private sector and inter-governmental support

Raise Capital

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Business development

Air Operator Certificate

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Select aircraft type

Aircraft procurement
Hire and train flight crew and harbour port engineering staff

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Cleared for Takeoff


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